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Posts where I write about the Seattle area in the style of various authors: (Comments appreciated!)
Joseph Conrad
Neil Gaiman
Herman Hesse
James Joyce
Andy Weir

Next up: William Shakespeare

Posts about books
Word Nerd - Found in the Shelves (sample)
Life Lessons from Shakespeare
Bookseller for a Day    Duplicate Copies of Books    Cool Books 1   Cool Books 2   Cool Books 3

Geek tattoos:  Timshel      Shakespeare

Old Tech vs New:  VAX 11/780   Compared to the Android Phone in my pocket

Work Fitbit Challenge
Pictures taken walking:  Western NY    Little Si/North Bend    Snohomish    Woodinville
Lake Tye in Monroe 1    Lake Tye in Monroe 2    Centennial trail   Issaquah
Last Day of the Challenge: Snohomish
Why Work out?

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