Friday, June 27, 2014

Londinium Day 2: The British Museum and 221B Baker Street

Londinium Day 1 was not all that interesting: it was spent driving from Brighton to London, locating our hotel in Leyton, driving to Heathrow to return the little Skoda and taking a taxi back to the hotel. No pictures were taken...there are some stories that could be told about the experience, e.g., the cabbie who couldn't find our hotel at the end of the day.

The second day in London included a much-anticipated stop at the British Museum and a stop at the Sherlock Holmes museum at 221B Baker street. The British Museum was *brilliant*. The Sherlock museum was a waste of time. See my peevish review of it here.

Haida Gwaii is a lot closer to home, an island off the coast of northern British Columbia. Seeing a Haida totem pole was a treat.

The best part of 221B Baker Street: the OUTSIDE of the Sherlock Holmes Museum.