Tuesday, July 9, 2013

US Political Primer: 1990 - 2013

Just in case others are missing it, I thought I'd comment on the pattern that I keep seeing in American politics:

1) Egregious government abuse of power is revealed, making the complaints of 1776 seem amusing and quaint

2) Whichever party is not in the White House complains a bit

3) Whichever party is in the White House whines that the previous administration did it too

4) Republicans try to make some dumb anti-abortion laws and piss people off

5) Democrats try to make some dumb anti-gun laws and piss people off

6) The media get into bed with the White House and explain that it's too late to worry and LOOK, A KARDASHIAN BABY!

7) Most people argue about TV shows and celebrities

8) Government continues abusing its power...and laughs at us.