Friday, July 4, 2014

Londinium: Last Pictures (For Now)

First photos here are taken at the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square. A few outside Westminster Abbey (or inside, where allowed). Charing Cross road...

Londinoum: Southwark

A number of bridges cross from the Tower side over to Southwark, where Shakespeare's Globe in its 1997 version (about 750 feet from the original location) stands today.

Londinium Day #3: To The Tower!

Construction of the Tower of London was started shortly after William the Conqueror's Norman conquest of England in 1066 (Shakespeare's Richard III lies). Its history has been varied and fascinating, by turns a fortress, royal menagerie and prison. This book, read before this trip, gives a fascinating overview.

Starbucks, with the Tower of London reflected in the window. Yeah, I live near Seattle so this was obligatory...

And now, into the Tower.

By tradition, England will flourish as long as the ravens stay at the Tower. Obviously, they're taking no chances...